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 Universal Rules

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  1. Respect other members. This goes for both staff and regular members. Just because you won an argument or you won against a staff member in a fight doesn't mean you're better than them. Likewise, just because you hold a position doesn't mean you're superior to regular members.

  2. Racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and the like are not allowed here. No explicit sexual or violent content. We understand this is Naruto and that there has been some pretty gruesome moments, but please, don't go overboard. It's Naruto, not Hellsing.

  3. No godmodding, powerplaying, bunnying, meta-gaming, autohitting, etc.

  4. No being directly related to canonical characters.

  5. All applications that aren't approved before you enter a thread may not be used when approved while you are in the thread.

  6. No flaming or anger-filled arguments in the chatbox. Debates are expected, so long as they remain tamed and contained.

  7. Take responsibility for your actions. Things will go by easier and more peaceful if you do. Take charge and fix it yourself if you can.

  8. Don't brag about your character or about their (or your) past deeds. That's not what we're here for.

  9. This isn't a competition. Don't treat it like one. Just sit back, relax, and have fun.

  10. Don't be that guy. You know, the guy who makes a character who is solely meant to do one thing. "I'm going to kill all the Kage!", "I'm going to wage war!", "I'm going to capture all the Bijuu!". Nobody likes that guy. We have a word for people like those. "Munchkins".

  11. Don't gossip or gripe about another member. If you just HAVE to, then keep it to PMs or off-site.

  12. Please keep your personal life and troubles off the chatbox. If you're feeling down, and have a friend on here that you know you can talk too, PM them or make a chatroom.

  13. Remember that there is more than one Main Character here. You have to share the spotlight sometimes, no?

  14. No oneliners. While there is no wordcount as to how long the basic post should be, you could at least do 4-5 sentences.

  15. No spamming in the chatbox.

  16. No advertising in the chatbox.

  17. Don't exclude others from the chat. It won't hurt you to say "Hi xxxx, how are you doing today?"

  18. Spoiler all links and images in the chatbox.

  19. Be patient with people. People from all RP backgrounds are here. Not all are able to produce a 5,000 post like you.

  20. You make skip a person if they haven't posted with exactly 48 hours. This does not include if they let you or staff know that they will be gone for more than two days.
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Universal Rules
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