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Armor, Weapons, and Items are categorized by the letter ranking system of E-SS. E being the absolute lowest and SS being Sage of Six Paths level in-terms of power. Each type of object has a primary use it, sometimes for actual in RP use or just aesthetic. Weapons are generally used for offensive use though are sometimes capable of doubling as a technical armor (IE: A metal glove meant to boost your punching damage. It technically be used against other metal weapons as a defense). The same goes for Armor, used primarily as a defensive item but can offer some minimal offensive use. Items are things like basic clothing, rings, charms, books, scrolls and various other miscellaneous things.

All three are capable of having special abilities and elemental affinities, Weapons and Armor at A-Rank while Items at B-Rank. The higher rank the object, the stronger ability you can give it. These can rank from them being able to passively ignite themselves on fire for a small chakra cost to being able to repair themselves with blood of their enemies. It should be noted, however, armor has to be applied as separate pieces and not as one big thing. Weapons and Armors are capable of being upgraded up to 3 times. Each rank also increases the price of a object. The prices are:

  • E-Rank: 100 Ryo - 249 Ryo

  • D-Rank: 250 Ryo - 449 Ryo

  • C-Rank: 450 Ryo - 649 Ryo

  • B-Rank: 650 Ryo - 999 Ryo

  • A-Rank: 1,000 Ryo - 1,999 Ryo

  • S-Rank: 2,000 Ryo - 3,999 Ryo

  • SS-Rank: 4,000 Ryo and up

These prices are subject to change and also depend on various factors such a abilities and such. Weapons are generally sold at half their bought price unless being sold directly to someone else, in-which the seller may choose the price. Upgrading a weapon costs 1,500 Ryo.
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Item Guide
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