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Jutsu here on Age of Iron work a bit differently than on most other Naruto sites. On Age of Iron, we have very few set parameters. Rather, we'd prefer if the jutsu is balanced. In other words, damages and ranges aren't really set by rank. Naturally a certain rank has averages and such, but they can be a bit...bigger if balanced nicely. A fine example of this would be Earth Release: Earth Spear. The jutsu makes the user as hard as diamond and does not inhibit their movement, making them almost completely void of damage (Kakuzu took direct hits from the Two Tails using this jutsu). The thing is....it's classified as a B-Rank jutsu, thus, it needs to balanced. The balancing is usually up the user. If the user does not want to give specific things that can break through the jutsu, they can bump up the rank to S, as most S-Rank jutsu are just naturally that powerful.

They can also increase the chakra cost of it. Many things can be done to balance a jutsu. However, as said, there are still SOME set parameters. For example, when it comes to stat boost, each rank can only give a certain number. A C-Rank jutsu can boost a stat by 1 tier. B-Rank can boost it by 2 tiers. A-Rank by 3 tiers. S-Rank varies, so long as there is drawbacks. Also noteworthy is that a D-Rank jutsu can't be manipulating reality and such to the extend of Tsukiyomi and similar high-rank genjutsu.

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