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PostSubject: Stat Guide    Stat Guide  EmptyMon Jan 18, 2016 3:57 pm

Stats are what physically define your character, determining things from how hard you punch to how fast you can run. Here on Age of Iron we go by a tier based stat system rather than a numerical one. There are a total of seven tiers within each of the four stats. The stats themselves are:

As you can imagine, this stat defines your natural, physical strength. The higher it is the harder you can punch and the more weight you can lift without the aid of chakra.

Your Speed stat determines how naturally agile you are. This encompasses things like maximum sprinting speed and how fast you can throw a punch. This also increases your coordination with movement as well.

How naturally tough you are along with your in-general stamina. The higher your endurance is, the larger amount of damage you can take before falling as well as the longer you last in a fight before becoming tired.

Perception affects the five senses, increasing the speed you process information as well as increasing how much detail you can actually get as well.
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Stat Guide
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